Sarafina Fiber Art

Sarafina Fiber Art

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We all Have to Start Somewhere and Foot in Mouth

Recently I shared and commented on a how-to video that used a mold for needle felting a 3D dog.  I regret trying to work out my thoughts on my Facebook page.  My comments were a written dialog of what was going through my head while watching the video.  I was not trying to convince anyone else that working with a mold was a bad idea or to say that that particular kit was not helpful and ingenious, or that using a mold is not the perfect enjoyable and rewarding way for kids or beginners to get introduced to needle felting.  I loved doing paint by numbers when I was a kid; I got to use the paints and brush, loose myself in the process, and create something pretty cool.  It didn't mean I didn't go on to learn how to mix my own colors and make a painting from the bottom up or that paint by numbers was not fun and satisfying.

Some of my first ornaments... not even as old as my very first ones which I have no record of because I did not even own a digital camera!

Little Blind Dogs ( ? ? )

Discovering fiber arts opens up a wonderful world.  The joy and fun is in the fiber and exploring a new creative process.  That's what got me hooked when I began five years ago.   Now that I have a growing following on Facebook and Youtube, many people are seeing my work for the first time at a current level.  I started at the beginning, though, just like anyone else.

A goat, deer, and pony - these were all only about 2" tall

My goal is to teach and share in a way that I believe in.  The possibilities are endless, felting wool is no less than miraculous, the medium is forgiving and lends itself to fuzzy cuteness, and it doesn't take an art degree to enjoy it.  My techniques are methods that I grew with, that I practiced, and that were born out of my desire to make the next one better.  As you can see I've come a long way!

It seems I did not think any critters needed to see.
Happy creating, Sara


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