Sarafina Fiber Art

Sarafina Fiber Art

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Grand Prize

Over 47 days I made 34 critters.  Approximately 45 people played the Name Game.  We had 37 winning entries.  Lori M. had the most daily wins with 6.  Then Amy D. had 4 wins and Valerie S. had 3.  Four people had 2 wins and 16 people had 1.

I won too.  I sold half, 17, of the 34 critters that I made.  I had so much fun organizing the game.  The challenge, and all of your name suggestions were very inspiring to me.  And now, thanks to all your sharing and participation, I have reached a new audience.

Max wanted to do the honors of selecting the name...

If this were a TV contest there would be a long dramatic pause here.

Congratulations Amy D!

Everyone who played, whether they won or not, will receive an email in the next few days containing a coupon code that can be used in my etsy store.  Thank you everyone!