Sarafina Fiber Art

Sarafina Fiber Art

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To Each Their Own cRAzY

Some days, I feel everything acutely.  These days can be difficult because my mind leaps through my anxieties, focuses on my conflicts with others, plays on fears regarding my kids,  digs up old sorrows, and I can't shut out the insurmountable problems of our planet.  That's a lot for one little mind to handle.

But the very same days, in the very same state of mind, I also find the most far reaching positives. New directions on unknown roads all of a sudden feel safe and possible.  The colors, textures, and animals of nature manifest into creative inspiration.  And the laughter of my family settle into the most sacred deep place in my heart.  I feel like anything is possible and see the world  - really see  and feel the world.

If I can touch or hold Dave, he brings me back to center, like a human anchor.  His energy is calm and weighty.... maybe one of the reasons the universe placed him into my life. 

Although these days feel overwhelming, I am learning not to let them worry me.  The alternative would be not to feel at all.  I try to settle into the yin and yang of it; leaving the negatives behind and taking the inspiration and love half into the next day.

I know we each have our own CrAZy.  I believe that without these extremes we would not accomplish the tasks unique to us, whether you believe that God, the Universe, Nature, or nothing, is behind these differences; we are one and our differences are actually what help exist together.  God put a bright yellow post-it on this matter; the relationship between smallest krill and the largest animals ever on Earth, the Blue Whale. 

Believe in your place here and learn how to make your crazy extremes be felt.