Sarafina Fiber Art

Sarafina Fiber Art

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Big Move: Setting a Goal to Re-use and Re-purpose

I am faced with a big decision.  To move to a larger commercial space (read as "MONEY") or stay put in our cozy mill (read as "squashed, smooshed, packed, limited").  I have a plan... a vision.  So I know that the move would bring to be many more goals and opportunities.  To our followers that translates as products, classes, art shows, a place to craft with friends, and convenience.  Today, I am on the path to make the move.  When I actually sign the lease I'll be sure to let you know.

The space is large and industrial, a plus because we get to build it out to our specifications and a minus because we (I) have to pay for the build out.  But I love to plan and new things excite me (I just found that this is because I am an Expressive Driver.  To take the personality test go here - (don't worry, he won't sell your email and you can unsubscribe easily)  I am setting a goal and a challenge for myself and wanted to include you.

Front of the space to be finished

Back of the space to be finished - sorry it's not in focus

Front of side to be left unfinished for storage and washing of wool!

The goal for the build out as well as all the display is, as much as possible, to use what I have, what is natural, and things that have already had another purpose in this world.  There should be a financial savings without sacrificing form or function. 

Of course much of the construction phase requires standard building materials.  No way around pressure treated 2x4s, insulation, drywall, and such.  But we could really have fun coming up with ideas for workstations, wool storage, display shelves, and decor.  The look will be clean industrial meets barn meets general store - is that clear? ; )  Here are a couple of ideas that I have:

Floor: cork?
Work Stations: as much as possible use existing cabinets and top with wood.
Round display table: large painted cable spool on casters.  I have a friend in electric.
Wool storage: cut up concrete tubes and/or vintage bins from auctions
Workshop table: I have sections of wrought iron fence I want to weld and top with barnwood.
Counter/Checkout: I would love to find an old piece
Shelves:  Really looking for ideas here! I have access to affordable barnwood

Of course you probably don't know what I already have floating around my home and in our outbuildings but please don't hesitate to comment with your ideas.   Or better yet, let me know if you have anything tangible to contribute or "know a guy who knows a guy."

Onward into Project Sarafina Art House!