Sarafina Fiber Art

Sarafina Fiber Art

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diversify and Survive... no Thrive

I am no Professor for sure, but one thing that I took away from those school years is that diversity is key to the over health of our planet.  Each and every organism (and matter) plays a role in the survival of the others.  Everyone and everything is important.

In a personal sphere, I have learned the same holds true to my physical, mental, spiritual, and occupational health.   Sometimes I do or make something new and realize that without the many forks in the road and paths I have traveled, I would not be able to do exactly what it is I am doing right now.  

I fear have frustrated my friends and family with sudden changes in direction.  I think it can be unsettling to those in the passenger seat.  One minute I am a painter mountain biker yoga-er horse back rider, the next I am a shop owner wing chunner felter spinner.  Tomorrow I might try something new.  When I started martial arts I actually had a friend say to me, "But that's not you."  Yes, it is now.

Good times with Carmelita and riding buddies.  She is living with someone else now but horses will be a part of my life again.

The things is... here's the thing.... the thing is, once you learn something, you have it with you forever.  Each path we take twists together to form a complex and strong cable (Thank you, spinning, for that analogy : ))  For example, I apply the posture, relaxation, I breathing I learned in yoga to everything I do.  My love for and involvement with horses as been a huge influence in my health and career.  Even within the horse world, learning new ways to communicate with my horse has changed my perspective on almost everything... minimal effort for maximum output. 

I won't go on about every hobby and lesson.  But my point it is, follow the faint voices that beckon you in a new direction.  Even if it leads no where special, you will not regret it.

Time to go kick some but and spin some fiber.